Frankenstein Series (Gilded) playing cards

  •  2023-08-02 11:10 PM

4 Unique decks, 4 Styles, 1 Story, 1 Frankenstein. A new kind of series playing cards can combine.

Keiyaku Playing Cards🐱

  •  2023-06-16 01:05 PM

Playing cards about the lifetime contract between you & your cat. Inspired by the Koga-Ryu Ninja & my lovely cat Benben


  •  2023-06-02 12:49 PM

A deck that makes you uncomfortable to use. Perfect gift for your cardist/Magician/Gambler friends try to be the worst deck ever

Akita Playing Cards by Blue Moon Co.

  •  2023-05-26 11:36 AM

Nicknamed the "Faithful Dog" in Japan!!! Who can refuse Akita Innu playing cards

Cupido Playing Cards & Tricks

  •  2023-02-10 02:14 PM

Cupid Themed Playing Cards with Gaff Pack & Magic Tutorial for your love one Deck & tricks for your Valentine's Day & White Day.

FUYU Matsuri Playing Cards

  •  2023-01-14 12:00 PM

Inspired by the Japanese Winter Cultural Festival. Caricature Art - Limited Chances to put your face on the courts' cards

Cthulhu Playing Cards

  •  2022-10-28 12:00 PM

Cthulhu-themed playing cards with a book alike designed tuck box & Deck that can puzzle. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Two versions

Tiger Playing Cards

  •  2022-10-07 12:00 PM

A Tiger-themed Playing Cards. The first deck of the Untamed Collection

Schrödinger's Cat Playing Cards & Quantum Maglev Floater

  •  2022-06-26 12:00 AM

251 backers pledged HK$ 180,060 to help bring this project to life. An experimental playing cards project to Split the Universe. Inspired by the Schrödinger's Cat. First Vertical Maglev Deck Display

Matsuri Playing Cards - ( Standard & Gilded Edition)

  •  2022-05-08 03:14 PM

248 backers pledged HK$ 114,741 to help bring this project to life. Inspired by the Japanese cultural festival - Matsuri To the comfort, prayer, show gratitude to the ritual of Nature & gift from God

Ultra Werewolf Game Playing Cards 2.0

  •  2022-03-01 03:19 PM

49 backers pledged HK$ 27,107 to help bring this project to life. A combination of a Party game Ultra Werewolf and Waterproof and Anti-folding Playing cards And Limited Enamel Pin of all 27 characters